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I just started a walk. A walk of a lifetime…the length of which, only you can decide. A walk against the odds…to defy the short countdown that doctors have placed on my life. A walk I wish none of you would ever have to make.

A few months back, doctors in Sri Lanka found that I have been living with a large ‘hole-in-the-heart’ my entire life—33 years. Though I’ve had it since birth, for some reason doctors were not able to catch it. This oversight has now proven costly not only because of the incredible stress it had placed on my heart for all these years but also the irreparable damage it caused my lungs. After their initial ‘Oops, my bad!’ moment, the doctors went on to inform me that, with luck, I might just be able to make my 35th birthday. They went on to add—with the finality of Pontius Pilate—that there was absolutely nothing that could be done anywhere in the world to fix me.

To me—a girl with an MBA getting ready to take the world by storm—this came as a real bummer! There goes my plan to finally get married to my fiancé next year; my plans to have a large brood of kids named in alphabetical order; my plans to eventually work myself out of the current dead-end job; my plans to see my ‘Smart-alecki’ 3-year old nephew grow up to be a famous race car driver; my plans to take care...Read More..

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